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Q&A with Quiet Science

We got a few minutes to sit down with Nathan Walter from one of our new favorite bands – Quiet Science.  Their album “The Rekindling of the Stars” has been on repeat here at I.N.H.Q. for weeks – so we wanted to get a little info on heart behind the album!   Give their single Bonfires a play and check out what they have to say!

We are loving the new Quiet Science album – “The Rekindling of the Stars” – what’s the inspiration behind the album?  What pulled you to want to create a worship project?

It was the perfect title for this album. There is so much meaning behind it. I see it two ways: 1) When you realize that there is a God who created all this and He loves and desires a relationship with you, you can’t help but see His hand and His beauty in the world around us. It makes the stars brighter. It’s like falling more in love with the artist through His art.

2) In another sense, I imagine that we are the stars and we have grown dim. As we grow closer to Him, we reflect His light and we shine all the brighter for the world to see.

Honestly, I feel like it may be what God was doing in me during that long process of working on this album. He brought me closer to Him and refined me.  We just want others to have that same feeling when they listen to this album, that God is drawing them close.

We have always been asked to do worship shows on tour as an add on to our rock show. Honestly, we could have made more money doing them, but we always turned them down.  We just didn’t feel called to it. I don’t think that every Christian musician is called to be a worship leader. I think it is a big responsibility.  One summer, our church was looking for a band for summer camp and they tasked Daisy with finding one, but we knew that it would be very difficult with the budget they had. Eventually, we bit the bullet and did it ourselves, even though I fought it all the way.  After that week of leading worship, I just felt like there was no going back. I thought, “Why would I want to do anything but this?”

Can you talk to us about the single “Bonfires”? 

I came across “infinite beauty” in a book somewhere and just thought it was a great line for a song. It came together pretty easily. I love how the song is fun and big but also has these small, soft worshipful moments with the same lyrics.  I am not sure you get all that in the radio edit.

Quiet Science took a break to start a family. Would you say that parenthood has changed your writing style? Or your focus as a band?

No, not really. Our writing style has changed, definitely, but not because of parenthood. Honestly, being home for awhile and being heavily involved in our church changed it the most. We didn’t want to make an album that was really cool and experimental, but no one would be able to sing it. It really changed our focus, and many songs were eliminated because of it. We started writing songs for the people of God to sing, rather than ourselves.

What’s next for Quiet Science? Any tours or festivals? 

We will definitely tour. We want to give people time with the album first so that the shows can be more worship centered. We don’t want to go play a show or give a performance. We want people to be able to worship with us.

If we are invited to play any festivals, we will be there.

Rapid Fire Questions: Any albums that are on repeat right now?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been listening to the new Jesus Culture album and Peter Gabriel’s album Melt.

What’s the last book you read?

I am currently reading “The James Code” by O.S. Hawkins and “Shadows of Self” by Brandon Sanderson. I tend to read two books at a time. One fiction and one nonfiction.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go to New Zealand and tour all the Lord of the Rings film sites. I am a dork like that.

How can we get more info on Quiet Science?

Go to If you aren’t familiar with our older works, our first album is actually a free download right now. We also added chord charts for “The Rekindling…”, that’s something entirely new for us.

Prioritizing … and some Snow Patrol


It’s been too long since I’ve been to the gym. A conference. A work trip. A sore foot. Life. Excuse. Excuse. Excuse. Excuse.

What I’ve realized is, when I don’t go to the gym, I have a tendency to be terribly crabby to my husband!  Since we’re together about 90% of the time, he’s the one who gets the joy of experiencing all of my stress, hormones, emotions… sometimes that’s good, but most days it’s not.

I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts and one thing keeps sticking in my brain – schedule the stuff that’s important.  That means, put going to the gym on the schedule. Don’t fit it in.

If it matters, you have to prioritize it, or the important stuff will get mixed in with those little irritating things that just have to get done. Lock in the time to have coffee with Chris. Don’t fit it in. Write down when I will spend time alone. Don’t fit it in. Schedule a time to write. Don’t fit it in. Drop by and see my parents. Don’t fit it in.

As an ENFP (for your Meyers-Briggs types) and a 7 (for you Enneagram types), this goes against everything I love, believe and stand for.  But it makes sense.  Richard Foster says “Discipline brings freedom” and there is so much truth there.

Join me!  Get the good stuff on your calendar.  Make room for what’s important. And if you need a little motivation at the gym today, how about some Snow Patrol!

Gym-Bike-Music Motivation

I hate exercise bikes. With a passion. They are boring. They make my butt hurt.  They have a false promise of transport and travel. Bike are meant to be on boardwalks. Bikes need to have baskets for holding fresh flowers and loaves of bread.  Bikes are for Audrey Hepburn.

I’d rather be on a stairmaster. Or an elliptical. Or a treadmill. Or an arc trainer.

But my foot has been hurting. I put off the gym all week on the excuse that it was cold and snowy and people in the south don’t know how to drive when there is weather and terrible horrible things could happen in the mile and a half between my house and the gym…

But really it’s because my foot hurts.

So today, I went to the gym, resolved to the fact that I would be on the bike. I uploaded a book on my phone that I have to read for work to pass the time.

I would get through this…

But at the 16 minute mark, the book became interactive.  WHAT? I have to take notes and make graphs?  I almost blew past it and kept reading, but this is information I really do need to know, so I was force to make a decision:

Bike and watch The View?  No.

Bike and watch Sports Center? No. Football is over. No reason to watch ESPN.

Bike and believe that iTunes would pick out a perfect motivator song? Yes.

iTunes always knows what I need.  I believe there is a person at Apple, dedicated to knowing exactly what I need to hear. I’m rarely let down…and today is no exception.

Need a motivator to get on the bike. Or the elliptical? Or to get that walk in at the park?  How about a little “Godspeed” by Anberlin.

All together now: “They—Lied—When they said the good die young…OH OH OH OH!”


Monday Music Motivation

What music keeps you going at the gym?   Is it some good 70’s funk?  Maybe you need a New Wave blast from the 80’s. Hip hop, dance music or punk rock…what’s your choice?

Today, that elliptical machine was taunting me when I walked in the gym.  I really didn’t want to be there!  It was just standing there, mocking me, knowing that I had zero intention of having a worth-while workout.

But then, through the magic of iTunes this song came on shuffle…and suddenly that machine had no power.  I owned that thing for about 25 minutes…until my phone rang with a work call. Sigh.

25 minutes is better than zero minutes though!

I know nothing about this band, other than that they obviously grew up listening to a lot of The Cure like I did…

I give you Black Kids and I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You.  At the gym today you’ll be motivated, moving and cheering “dance! dance! dance! dance!”

GymSounds – Benjamin Dunn!

When I found this song, my gym mixes were never the same…”My Name is Eustace” by Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra is an homage to CS Lewis and the Narnia books. What’s not to like? Literary rock and roll merged with pop-filled alt-rock.  What’s not to love?



Jan 1 – Gym Sounds…

It’s a new day – a new year – and happily I made it to the gym to kick off 2016.

Which is quite a feat considering everything.  This week was much busier than planned and New Year’s Eve was, well, New Year’s Eve so I consider this whole year a success already!

I hope to be posting all sorts of things in the coming months that can make for a happier, healthier, stronger year in business, in life, in faith. This 2016 blog will be starting a bit slow, thanks to a New Year’s evening of binge-watching movies.

Tomorrow, we kick off the Unhealthy Anonymous plan. Tomorrow, I take all of our left over Christmas cookies to some 20 something boys who have the metabolism to handle a few dozen scrumptious Christmas cookies. Tomorrow we start phasing out sugar, white flour and pretty much everything we’ve been eating the past month.


But I’m excited on this new journey!

But one thing for this year, I would love to hear what music makes you want to move.  The songs help with that first 10 minutes of getting on the treadmill.  The songs inspire you to add an extra 5 lbs. to that weight machine.  I’ll be posting new music as well, but this is the song that my iPhone decided should kick off my playlist today…and I think it’s a great launch for the new year.

Ladies, chances are, you don’t know how beautiful you are.  So get on your boots.

So – what songs get you working harder at the gym? Let us know!

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