It is Monday – a crazy busy Mofishing-sea-boat-large.jpgnday. I get a few of these days per year where all of the forces that be converge, and you just know deep in your soul that it’s just going to be a brutal day.

Brutal. Things are a mix of good and challenging. I have deadlines. Parents have appointments. Friends are staying here. Our dog is injured. Projects are starting. Projects are ending. Celebrations and thank yous need to be a priority and fit in. Life is, well, life.

Last night, I was trying to finish devotional, and I ran across the story of Jesus sleeping in the boat and the storm arises (Mark 4).

You likely know the story – Jesus had just recently begun his ministry, the disciples were new to this whole concept. Jesus had a few brutal days. He’d been called out by the church leaders and his family, parables were flowing, crowds were gathering. Jesus suggests they get in the boat and go to the other side of the lake to get away from the people. Jesus sleeps on a cushion. Storms come. Disciples panic. Jesus calms the wind. Disciples say “Who is this guy.”

I have read this passage over and over over the years, but two things really struck out in this one particular reading:

First – The disciples’ boat wasn’t the only boat in the water.

And second – Jesus calmed the storm after they mentioned it to him. Mark 4:39 – and he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be Still!” and the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

I think I need to take these 2 things in consideration.

In my life, my boat isn’t the only one that faces storms. While the passage doesn’t say anything about the condition of the other boats, I can just imagine that they were all struggling against the storm as well. They didn’t have Jesus physically in their boat – but when Jesus calmed the storm for one, he calmed the storm for many. I need to remember that when I call on Jesus, when I live my life understanding that He is the source of peace, it affects those around me. My faith is not my own. It can’t be. By design, it has to resonate to those around me.

Second, Jesus calmed the storm when they asked him. Not even like the widow who nagged the judge so much that he gave her what she wanted. They woke up Jesus, asked for help and he calmed the storm. In my life, why don’t I just call on Jesus when I see the storm approaching? Why do I wait for the storm to be in a full scary, dark assault before I admit that it’s out of my control?   My first inclination was to ask why didn’t they just wake up Jesus to begin with…but then I realize just how often I get underwater before I ask for guidance, and often I never ever mention it to those in the boats around me.

It’s time. Before the sun rises, before the phone rings; before the emails start, the distractions arise and  noise and clutter start to cloud my focus and let Jesus know about my concern for the day. #Give it to him. Ask him to weather the storm with me and bring peace to not only my day – but to the day of those around me.