Decide what you want.jpgDo you ever find it strange that the boss has time to go to the gym and work out, but everyone else in the office doesn’t?  I’m realizing that is because they have set goals for themselves and their companies…and they pay people like us to get the busywork done.

There’s nothing wrong with that – that’s good business.

But there seems to be a divide going on more than just risk vs. reward. Going to the gym has long-term benefits. Eating healthy has long-term benefits. Prioritizing me has benefits that are far beyond me.

So yesterday, I tried it. Mid-day, I went to the gym. My phone had temporarily stopped ringing, so I went to the gym, did 20 minutes on the treadmill and did the all-painful pull up machine.  The world didn’t end.

Granted, missed three calls, about 20 emails and I did have to work a bit later in the evening. I wasn’t able to pop out to grab coffee with a friend who is in town – but that’s ok because we have other set plans to get together at a different time.  That dinner is on my calendar – why isn’t going to the gym?

This week is a logistical mess, but I am going to attempt to schedule the gym in my calendar at least 2 days a business week for the month of April.  I may even try to make one day a week have no meetings.  Just a day for catch up work.

And a day a week where the computer stays completely shut.

Good things are ahead – but better things are ahead IF I make it a point to make the important things a priority.

Here’s to morning writing, drinking a cup of coffee, having the phone turned off and prioritizing 20 minutes at the gym…