paczkiLast night at 1:30, my weather alarm went off warning  of a winter storm watch through Wednesday morning.

Seriously. Why do storm alerts only happen in the middle of the night?

Anyway – that’s when I also saw the alert on my phone that our county’s schools were closed.  We don’t have kids, so I went back to bed. Nothing really changes in my life.

But this morning, I woke to snow. More than a dusting, less than what we northerns would consider impressive. You can still see the grass, and the little yellow flowers that bloomed a bit to early look shocked under the weight of the white.

But outside it is so still. So beautiful. So calm.  So clean. So quiet.

It’s like time stops in Tennessee after a snowfall.

And I’m not complaining at all.

It’s also Fat Tuesday so start cleaning out your kitchens kids. Make some shove pancakes. Play some games.  And, of course, PACZKI for everyone!!