I did it!  I passed the first section of the Unhealthy Anonymous program titled “Understanding Stress”.

And it wasn’t so bad.

If it wasn’t for a lovely crash of my browser, I would have had proof in the form of a big Congratulations! screen – but alas, I procrastinated taking a screen shot, and the page is apparently floating somewhere in space.

Maybe procrastination is causing me stress? Hum….

In the past month, I’ve become far more mindful of my breathing. I’ve said ‘no’ to a few things and realized that I need to say ‘no’ to a lot more things. I started being more intentional about reading labels on the food I buy, and have been more mindful about things like not putting any plastic in the microwave. The recipes that I made were really tasty too!

I’m going to continue to GIVE myself a break and try to keep my stress in check.  February is looking to be a rather brutal work month, and so keeping on track with breathing, exercise and eating real food should make a big difference.

Onto Gut Health!  Yay Kombucha!