I’m stressed out.

Can you relate?

I’m stressed about a lot of things. Work. Time. Family. Finances. Health.

I’m even stressed about being stressed.

I’m glad I like both teams who are in the Super Bowl. That is one thing that isn’t stressing me out.

I’m tired of my shoulders hurting all the time.

I’ve done fairly well this New Year, with the inevitable “new year, new you” mindset. I’ve been focusing on being intentional, developing new and good habits each morning and being mindful of the whole One Word concept – my word being “Give” (and my favorite use of the word so far has been ‘#give myself a break!’)

So I started doing the Unhealthy Anonymous program (http://uha12.com/#hope ) a few weeks ago – it’s an inexpensive, targeted plan to help our bodies better adapt to stress. It’s about learning to breathe, thinking more about what we eat, being grateful….it’s about giving ourselves a break.

Science proves that stress is at the center of most of our health issues. The thought is, if we teach our bodies to handle stress better, we can save ourselves from future years of health issues.

It’s not expensive – ($14/month with the coupon code below) – it’s full of reasonable, small changes that can actually become a part of your routine. There’s a 21-day reboot….and guess what? The reboot doesn’t say that you can’t eat meat, carbs, or fruit…it doesn’t make you spend hours at the gym, it doesn’t say you can’t enjoy life.

The whole thing is just a lot of common sense. And I like common sense.

I won’t go into too much detail unless you want it. We are doing this with some friends – and you should join us so we can all support our new healthy mindsets together. We have a Facebook page, we’ll be posting on each other’s blogs…we can all start sharing the joys of using coconut oil for EVERYTHING….

Want to join? Want to try to de-stress for 2016? Want to take back your life? Remember, this one isn’t a sprint – it’s making long-term lifestyle changes that will make for a better future.

Sign up here! http://uha12.com/#hope – To get $1 off a month – put in promo code HOPE. (in all caps!)