Blood van

I need to make giving blood more of a priority. I’m healthy. I’m self-employed and have some flexibility in my schedule. I have plenty of blood in my veins that regenerate every few weeks. My only credible excuse is that there are no Tennessee blood banks where I live, and the Davidson and Rutherford County sites aren’t very convenient.

Funny. It’s a pain to get in and out of Titans games, but I still go.

I guess some of my feeling is that Tennessee just doesn’t have a lot of blood drives. I try to keep an eye on any local opportunities…they just don’t happen all that often.

Years ago, this was a part of my routine. I would go and give whenever I could, and this was during a very joyful time in my life.  I wonder if there is any sort of correlation.

blood arm

But in the spirit of my one word for 2016 – give – I signed up and spent 45 minutes saving three lives.

Isn’t that a crazy thought?  Up to three people will get my blood. Three people who may be in extreme circumstances will get some relief.  Three people who are in treatment.  Three people who have been in accidents.

Want an easy way to help someone?  Give blood. Sign up here: