It’s the first Monday of 2016…and it started quite a bit differently than every Monday of the year that just past.  The alarm went off at 5:30 – the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak, so for 20 minutes I read on my phone in bed.  No Facebook. No CNN.  I read my Bible app.  I read another book.  My body was tired from working out yesterday so staying in bed was a welcome relief.

Why is it so cold in our house?

Apparently, we never reset our house timer, so our HVAC system was under the impression that we were still on holiday hours.  I reset the heat and resisted the urge to jump back in bed,  and grabbed Chris’s sweatshirt instead.

Next up, run into the kitchen to make some liquid warmth and energy. While brewing, I had a glass of water with lemon (thank you Unhealthy Anonymous).  I wrote up a quick journal.   Coffee was ready in no time…and was served with cream and coconut oil.

morning lemons

Louis had gotten up so together we did a set of prayers/sun salutations. I tried to write a thank you note but Louis was persistent in his severe need to be scratched..  No TV news until 6:45. No email until 7:15.

I’m GIVING myself space to start the day on my terms.  Giving myself fuel. Giving my brain time to think about things more important than work.

When I woke up today I was dreading the return to reality.  But now the new week feels different. I think there may be something to this morning routine / productivity thing.