xmas cookies pic

Ok ok ok – so several friends have talked about how important the idea of having a word or phrase to focus on each year has changed their life. How they need to have that direction. For a few years, I thought that was a great idea…but wow – that’s a huge commitment. I would sweat over what that word would be, make a lackluster statement and then completely forget about it by MLK Day.

But this year, a few days before the launch of 2016, I really started to feel a word on my mind. And I think this year needs a word. I think I have too much on my plate and this word can help with a grand-scale focus.

The word for 2016 for me is:


Give away stuff.

Give up what I can’t control.

Give myself a break.

Give to needy causes and people.

Give thanks.

Give it to God.

Give God the glory.

I could go on and on…but to start this focus, I gave away bags of cookies to some hungry college students and I’m starting to thin out some closets. Why let stuff drag me down and take up my time when I can GIVE the things that I could end up paying to put into storage to people who need it.

Do you have a word? What will you #GIVE to 2016?