It’s a new day – a new year – and happily I made it to the gym to kick off 2016.

Which is quite a feat considering everything.  This week was much busier than planned and New Year’s Eve was, well, New Year’s Eve so I consider this whole year a success already!

I hope to be posting all sorts of things in the coming months that can make for a happier, healthier, stronger year in business, in life, in faith. This 2016 blog will be starting a bit slow, thanks to a New Year’s evening of binge-watching movies.

Tomorrow, we kick off the Unhealthy Anonymous plan. Tomorrow, I take all of our left over Christmas cookies to some 20 something boys who have the metabolism to handle a few dozen scrumptious Christmas cookies. Tomorrow we start phasing out sugar, white flour and pretty much everything we’ve been eating the past month.


But I’m excited on this new journey!

But one thing for this year, I would love to hear what music makes you want to move.  The songs help with that first 10 minutes of getting on the treadmill.  The songs inspire you to add an extra 5 lbs. to that weight machine.  I’ll be posting new music as well, but this is the song that my iPhone decided should kick off my playlist today…and I think it’s a great launch for the new year.

Ladies, chances are, you don’t know how beautiful you are.  So get on your boots.

So – what songs get you working harder at the gym? Let us know!