It’s time –

I’ve talked about it before. I want to get healthy. I want to have more energy. I want to eat healthy. For a few days, I make a drastic change – I work out, I eat healthy, I log what I eat into an app. I cut out everything that is bad

And then I go to a meeting, or a business trip, or a birthday party – and then it’s another month until I get back on the wagon and start making drastic changes, working out, eating healthy and starting the cycle all over again.

Overall, I think I’m pretty healthy. I need to lose about 5 lbs. I’d like to be stronger. I feel ok – but don’t sleep right and I get distracted easily.

My family has a history of illness. Cancer, diabetes, MS, heart disease…these are all things that, on paper, should be in my future. Possibly worse? C’s family has a history of heart and stomach issues. These the stomach issues don’t necessarily kill – but they make day to day life a huge challenge.

Over the past few months of reading, research and conversation I’ve realized one thing. Health is my decision. Movement is my decision. Changing our family’s health history and generational well-being is my decision.

This is sort of like my spiritual life – while my beliefs are deep-set in my being, the practice of it can often get lost in the shuffle of mornings and meetings and travel and, well, life.

So, this morning, when I opened my Bible app, I read this:

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

This really struck me – this health thing isn’t just about me losing a few pounds. This isn’t just about me at all. I am not my own. Christ gave everything to save me. If I really believe that Christ died for me – if I really believe that Christ has a purpose for me – then I really need to care that my body is as healthy and ready to run the race set before me.

I realize that I’m just plain reckless with the food I put in, and the stuff I put on, my body. I won’t let my dad put Round-Up on our driveway, but I’ll eat “food” that is filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce and don’t know where they were grown. I know what’s in our dog’s food, but I don’t know what’s in ours.

So, we’re starting to do the Unhealthy Anonymous plan. Full disclosure, C edited all the videos – so we have been hearing this info for a few months now! But as we started looking at the plan and reading the information, it just made sense. It was easy to follow. It is attainable.

But most of all … What I really love —

Before you start taking bad stuff out—-you start bringing lots and lots of good stuff in.

If you do a mass elimination of bad stuff, you’re really going to miss it if you haven’t already made a habit of the good stuff. This isn’t a quick fix – it’s about making baby-steps to life-long changes. No more start and stop.

Easy enough, right?

The other thing I really liked about it? A friend told me about a plan similar to this one was $149/month…AND you had to buy supplements. Seriously? Yeah, we can’t afford that.

But Unhealthy Anonymous is $14.99/month – with nothing more to buy (other than groceries) and we have a coupon code for $1 off! Did you get that? This is saving $135 a month, minimum! WOWZA!

Here’s the URL for the coupon code: .

Unhealthy Anonymous is about recipes, tips, shopping lists, healthy ways to work at restaurant chains, exercise ideas, motivations and about finding out what works for you.

AND the starter 21-Day Reboot is FREE. Did you get that? FREE!

AND there is a free e-book available for download through NoiseTrade here:

We can do this together! Let’s help each other change our health futures. Let’s encourage and build each other up…not to lose weight, but to get healthy.

Who’s in?