I hear it on TV morning shows. I hear it from the trainer at the gym. I hear it in books:

Great abs start in the kitchen, not the gym. 

I like the kitchen better than the gym, so this is fine with me.  Already in my little healthy summer adventure, I’m noticing that sweet, processed food is losing it’s charm with me…but more so, it’s just not interesting anymore.  I’m pretty excited about that.

I got all sorts of sandwich-approved vegetables and though that some wraps may be a good option. I mean, who doesn’t love a good sandwich wrap, right?

Flat Out Package

I saw these at Kroger on sale. Flat Out Flatbread. Italian Herb. 90 Calories. 9 grams of protein. “Super Easy and Amazing Pizza”! If it can make amazing pizza, then what’s not to love, right?

I ran home and made my delicious tuna + veggies wrap. I’m excited to share my healthy food triumph in the form of falafel sandwiches the next evening.  And then, the moment of truth…

These things taste TERRIBLE.

Not just normal terrible. Really terrible. I rip off a small piece of fiber-tastic wrap for the pups and neither of them would eat it.  They both just looked up at me with their big eyes, almost as if to say “what did we do wrong?”

flatbread cardboardHere’s proof.  Flat Out Wrap vs. the Cardboard that had protected our new cable box. Both are a similar color. Similar consistency. I haven’t tried to eat the cardboard, I would imagine they would have a similar flavor pallet.  I tried to get the dogs to eat a piece of cardboard.  They both looked up at me with their big eyes, almost as if to say “what did we do wrong?”

So live and learn. Sometimes healthy eating isn’t as tasty as we like.

My real question now?  Do I put these in the regular trash, or do I have to separate them into the cardboard recycling?