Ok – so I have always known that it’s important to drink water.  We all do, right?

But water is so…so…so boring.

How American of me to say that. It’s essential. We desperately need water.  We can’t survive long without it.    So much of the world doesn’t have easy access to clean water.  Kids don’t get an education because they have to spend their day getting water. So many of the unnecessary deaths in the world are thanks to not having access to clean water.

And I complain about it being boring.

For years I have known just how much water my dogs need to be healthy – (1 ounce for each pound of body weight, if you were wondering) – but I never knew just how much water I should be drinking.

Turns out, it’s a lot. Just remember half of your body weight.  So if you weigh 150 lbs,, you need to drink 75 ounces.

aldi bottlesThat’s quite a bit.  So I need to be drinking 65 ounces minimum a day, or at least 4 bottles. Dang.  But I don’t want to buy bottles because a) it’s a waste of money b) my tap water is more regulated than bottled water is and c) Eeewwww. No thank you cheap plastic bottles that taste like cancer.

cherry lime water infusionSo run over to your local Aldi, because they have these sweet water infusion cups right now.  They are dishwasher safe (yay!) and are only $3. This is now giving me an excuse to throw away any old water bottles that aren’t made from solid materials like glass, metal or this super quality plastic.

Currently i’m sipping on water with a lime and cherry infusion, and it’s oh so refreshing.  I feel fancy just talking about it.

Yesterday I drank cucumber mint water all day. Tomorrow could be lemon-lime. Anything could happen.

AND, so you know, Aldi has de-lish sparkling water for $3/case of 12, in fun flavors.  Note – according to the smart people at the New York Daily News, sparkling water is a perfect substitute if you are needing a more interesting option.  Check out the sparkling water discussion here.

Aldi saves the day, and our budget, yet again.

What do you do to drink more water?  How do you make sure you’re getting enough?  Would love to hear your thoughts – let’s help each other get healthy!