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July 2015

A Fiber Sandwich! WOOO!


I hear it on TV morning shows. I hear it from the trainer at the gym. I hear it in books:

Great abs start in the kitchen, not the gym. 

I like the kitchen better than the gym, so this is fine with me.  Already in my little healthy summer adventure, I’m noticing that sweet, processed food is losing it’s charm with me…but more so, it’s just not interesting anymore.  I’m pretty excited about that.

I got all sorts of sandwich-approved vegetables and though that some wraps may be a good option. I mean, who doesn’t love a good sandwich wrap, right?

Flat Out Package

I saw these at Kroger on sale. Flat Out Flatbread. Italian Herb. 90 Calories. 9 grams of protein. “Super Easy and Amazing Pizza”! If it can make amazing pizza, then what’s not to love, right?

I ran home and made my delicious tuna + veggies wrap. I’m excited to share my healthy food triumph in the form of falafel sandwiches the next evening.  And then, the moment of truth…

These things taste TERRIBLE.

Not just normal terrible. Really terrible. I rip off a small piece of fiber-tastic wrap for the pups and neither of them would eat it.  They both just looked up at me with their big eyes, almost as if to say “what did we do wrong?”

flatbread cardboardHere’s proof.  Flat Out Wrap vs. the Cardboard that had protected our new cable box. Both are a similar color. Similar consistency. I haven’t tried to eat the cardboard, I would imagine they would have a similar flavor pallet.  I tried to get the dogs to eat a piece of cardboard.  They both looked up at me with their big eyes, almost as if to say “what did we do wrong?”

So live and learn. Sometimes healthy eating isn’t as tasty as we like.

My real question now?  Do I put these in the regular trash, or do I have to separate them into the cardboard recycling?

This is going to take some getting used to —

coconut oil and mug

In my 21 Day Reboot from Unhealthy Anonymous, it says to put Coconut Oil in your coffee.


According to the reboot, you should put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your coffee.  OR put your coffee and some coconut oil in the blender and froth it up to get a hot foamy beverage.

The skeptic in me said “hell no” and “step back from my mug of happiness”.  I had 2 fantastic cups of delicious dark energy with a little half-and-half thrown in for good measure. And since i had my fix, I figured, what the heck.  Might as well try it – it’s not going to destroy my morning.

Coconut oil you may know has crazy good stuff in it. It’s good for your skin, your brain. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. And it’s darn yummy in cooking.

coconut oil slickBut in coffee?

Honestly, it tastes really good. Surprisingly good. It brings out some fantastic notes in the coffee flavor.

What takes getting used to is seeing a pool of oil on the top of your coffee.

And it’s going to take a little for me to get used to the concept that not all fats are bad.

So I’ll happily add some coconut oil in my coffee each morning for the rest of the reboot. Guessing they might not offer that as an add-in at Starbucks though…

Be kind to you.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to prioritize this…

be kind to you

Hydrate… yawn!

Ok – so I have always known that it’s important to drink water.  We all do, right?

But water is so…so…so boring.

How American of me to say that. It’s essential. We desperately need water.  We can’t survive long without it.    So much of the world doesn’t have easy access to clean water.  Kids don’t get an education because they have to spend their day getting water. So many of the unnecessary deaths in the world are thanks to not having access to clean water.

And I complain about it being boring.

For years I have known just how much water my dogs need to be healthy – (1 ounce for each pound of body weight, if you were wondering) – but I never knew just how much water I should be drinking.

Turns out, it’s a lot. Just remember half of your body weight.  So if you weigh 150 lbs,, you need to drink 75 ounces.

aldi bottlesThat’s quite a bit.  So I need to be drinking 65 ounces minimum a day, or at least 4 bottles. Dang.  But I don’t want to buy bottles because a) it’s a waste of money b) my tap water is more regulated than bottled water is and c) Eeewwww. No thank you cheap plastic bottles that taste like cancer.

cherry lime water infusionSo run over to your local Aldi, because they have these sweet water infusion cups right now.  They are dishwasher safe (yay!) and are only $3. This is now giving me an excuse to throw away any old water bottles that aren’t made from solid materials like glass, metal or this super quality plastic.

Currently i’m sipping on water with a lime and cherry infusion, and it’s oh so refreshing.  I feel fancy just talking about it.

Yesterday I drank cucumber mint water all day. Tomorrow could be lemon-lime. Anything could happen.

AND, so you know, Aldi has de-lish sparkling water for $3/case of 12, in fun flavors.  Note – according to the smart people at the New York Daily News, sparkling water is a perfect substitute if you are needing a more interesting option.  Check out the sparkling water discussion here.

Aldi saves the day, and our budget, yet again.

What do you do to drink more water?  How do you make sure you’re getting enough?  Would love to hear your thoughts – let’s help each other get healthy!

Days 2 and 3 – Believing in solid health benefits from Hot Chicken –


Day 2 and 3 of this little health change Unhealthy Anonymous dealie are merged…

Because yesterday was the 4th of July and the all important Nashville Hot Chicken Festival.  I couldn’t find anywhere in the ‘Gut Health’ section or in the ’21 Day Reboot’ or first chapter of the actual ‘Unhealthy Anonymous’ book that talked about delicious, debilitating hot fried chicken.

If you’re in Nashville and you’re not going to the fest, you’re truly missing out.  Check out their site:

But what I did find in my 21 Day Reboot are messages about joy and grace and gratefulness – and so hot chicken was devoured. Only this year, instead of tums, I made sure to have some kefir before leaving for the fest.  I didn’t drink any beer all day – which is probably an Independence Day miracle in and of itself.

This morning, I was back on track, having a smoothie, going to the gym, drinking extra water to make up for yesterday.  Today had lots of antioxidants and Omega-3s. Tonight will be a massive salad with black beans. C will get some bonus avocado.  We may even drink some kombucha. Anything could happen.

The best thing about yesterday? I had no guilt. I made a few good decisions yesterday and a lot of good ones today.  Here’s to health. Here’s to gratitude. And here’s to deep breaths and saying “Thank You” first thing in the morning.

It’s about to get serious —

It’s time for a re-boot.  We keep talking about feeing sluggish, about eating too much sugar.  About needing more exercise and vegetables.  We are great with a few days, but man…healthy habits aren’t easy.

Can you relate?

Why is it easier to grab a coke instead of a water?  Why do I go past the granola bar to grab the chocolate.  I LOVE salads – but for some reason I feel like when I’m eating out I need to get a full entrée instead!

What about value meals? I don’t even really like fast food french fries, but I feel like I’m missing out on a deal if I don’t go for the combo.

And then I just feel gross for the rest of the day.

I look at extended family and friends – and some of their health problems terrify me. But when I look at what they eat, it’s really no surprise that our lives have become eat what you want and don’t take responsibility for exercise and environment and then take a pill to fix it.

So we’re making a change.  We’re doing a health plan.  C is not going to like it, as now I can really start stocking up on almond milk and Kombucha!  And there’s nothing he can do about it.

But ya know what?  I don’t want to be on diets forever.  I don’t want to have my life be in a constant state of yo-yo.  It’s about time to make a habit, and I’m committing to this, for as long as it takes.


We signed up for Unhealthy Anonymous – and the 21 Day Reboot starts today.  I already read the book once – it was fascinating – and I’m actually excited to be re-reading the book as well,

The program is not cheap, but it’s cheaper than the co-pay to go to the doctor. It’s cheaper than a prescription for high blood pressure.  It’s cheaper than sleeping pills and energy shots.  I was about to complain about the cost, but then I realized that we spent more than $14 on beer on Tuesday.  Just on Tuesday.

If I can afford beer, I can afford to pay for something that helps me make better habits.

Want to join me?  Sign up here – – and come along for the ride.  We can hold each other accountable and support each other on the journey to getting the stress out and the health in!

Day 1 – I’m drinking more water, taking a 2 minute stretch break every hour at work and adding some spinach to the dinner I’m making tonight.

What about you? What baby steps are you making today to make new habits for the rest of your life?

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