I am more than embarrassed to realize just how long it has been since I’ve posted something on the ol’ Nothings Blog.  Over the past six months, I have written some (not enough), taken some amazing photos and then lost them thanks to not backing up my phone correctly, working my brains out and just trying to keep some sort of balance.

I sort of suck at the balance part.

This year, I was actually all ready for Lent.  I wasn’t ready for the ice storm that hit and pretty much cancelled every Ash Wednesday service within 20 miles. So I got to spend a good amount of the day alone, at home, just in quiet. I had already decided that this year, the season would be focused on being aware.  I intended for that to mean be aware of the people around me…but what I realized is, I needed to be aware of myself.  How I talk to my husband. Where I put my time. How I treat my body.  Where I don’t practice what I preach.

I’m not sure I like what I’m seeing – and that’s probably the point.

Anyway – to start, I’ve been better about thinking physically healthy. This is partially due to the Lent focus, but in all honesty, it’s also due to:

  • being a bridesmaid.  In just over 2 months, I get to wear a pretty awesome dress, and I don’t want to embarrass the dress with some saggy arms. My shoulders need time to shine! and more importantly…
  • We’re going to the Caribbean before said wedding, and there I need to be able to pull off a swimsuit that won’t create terrible tan lines that may effect the dress (see above).

So the next few posts will probably lean in that direction.  If I can figure out how to embed video, there may be some music posts to inspire you to get moving too.

Once again, apologies – and next year, I’m going to give up something easy for Lent, like chocolate, wine or oxygen.