I almost feel like I shouldn’t blog about this – like I’d be giving away an amazing secret. If too many people discover our amazing little treasure, it may be invaded by East Nashville hipsters…


…but then I realize that Omni Hut has been in the same location, essentially unchanged, since it opened in 1960.  That’s 54 years of being a beacon of happiness on Lowry Street.  So if it hasn’t happened yet, it may be safe to post in a blog.

(Nashvillians, “Lowry” is what people in Smyrna call “Murfreesboro Road”)

So here it goes.

Remember the Brady Bunch episode where the family goes to Hawaii and Bobby finds the ancient tiki god and Greg has the surfing accident and the tarantula comes in the hotel room and the family has to return the tiki to the ancient burial grounds and there is the giant luau (and do I remember that Don Ho may have serenaded someone)?  You get the idea.  Omni Hut is glorious Polynesian kitsch – bamboo, black lights, tikis, light fixtures shaped like seahorses.  It’s a place to relax, to celebrate, and eat an enormous amount of poo poos.


And, as we like to flaunt on this site, it’s BYOB.

But Omni Hut is BETTER than BYOB – thanks to their ridiculously delicious and addictive Hawaiian Tea.  For $3.50 you can get a bottomless tiki cup full of this magical concoction of fruit juices (I’m not convinced that any tea is involved). When paired with your BYOB addition – vanilla rum being my personal favorite – Omni Hut makes a really fun night out on the town an affordable adventure.


Onto the food – In my book, you can just stay on the appetizer page. My vote stays with the incredibly yummy “Poo Poos on the Fiery PoPo” which is a flaming appetizer platter filled with deliciousness like rib tid bits (YUM), teriyaki beef stick, won tons, bora bora… it’s so good.  And it’s only $12.25


Now – the main courses – It’s Polynesian – which has several schools of thought.  Omni Hut leans more toward the region’s Chinese influence so many of their entrees have that sort of flavor and sauce.  I’m not a big fan of Chinese food, so the seafood and kabobs are more my style.  Or just have the appetizers. The portions are more than enough.

If it’s your first time, you really need to splurge and have a luau dinner with your table so you can get a full sampling of many flavors.

All this to say – come find this hidden treasure in the least likely of places.  And if you get the tea and BYOB, you may want to bring a designated driver as well…


Omni Hut is located at 618 S Lowry Street in Smyrna, TN.  Make a reservation or expect a wait.  But the wait is worth it…