Pinterest is entirely a love/hate world for me. I like to cook – i understand cooking – so it’s fun to get ideas and create yummy dining experiences from things I find on there.

But as someone who doesn’t have a crafty bone in her body – some of the DIY stuff is just painful.

I saw someone painting on cork board panels.  How hard can that be?

This could be my chance for “do it yourself” redemption.

I got my paints, my painters tape, my newspapers – and started plotting out just what my corkboard would look like. Amazing (I dreamed). Think of how much more efficient I will be (I thought).

First thing to know – don’t put the cork boards together when you’re paining them, or you get paint stuck between the panels.  Oh, and this paint can, and will, rip some of the cork off of whatever panel it’s next to.

So the edges ended up a little rough. That should be easy enough to hide.

Second thing to know – those tape squares that come with the panels are really meant to hold up stickie notes. Not anything as heavy as a cork panel.  Within 2 days the panels were falling off the wall. I used a few skinny nails to hold them in place, but that didn’t really work either.  And being that i didn’t want to put more nail holes in the wall, I decided it was time to take them down.

Oh – but wait – now I have little squares of that freaking worthless tape decorating my wall.  


I came to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, I would be better off just either buying a big cork board and painting it.  This would allow for just 1 or 2 big nail holes instead of 16 smaller ones. Oh, and it would hide the mess of sticky squares that are currently decorating the wall above my desk.


Pinterest.  I hate you.  Not really.