I love to save money. And to eat yummy food.  And to hang out with friends.

And when I get to do all three, oh goodness.  It makes me very happy.

Thus why I want to share with you my new favorite money saving, delicious food secret in Nashville…the first in a new BYOB series!

How many times have you come back from a dinner out and got bar-tab-sticker-shock. It’s happened to me. Too many times.  My Dave Ramsey envelope system destroyed by $10 glasses of wine and $8 draft beers.

Don’t get me started…humdingers
But you can get me started talking about Humdingers in Brentwood.

Yes.  I know. It sounds like a place that you drop off your kids that is full of inflatables.  No, I don’t mean the album by Nappy Roots.  And it’s in Brentwood.  I know. I know.

But here’s the deal.  You get yummy grilled chicken or fish at an affordable price.  And it’s BYOB.  And the people are super nice.


The Amberjack has become a favorite – flavorful, fresh…and only $12. What?

I have also become partial to their rainbow trout ($10). Grilled perfectly and topped with a cucumber yogurt.  So good.

Rainbow trout with cucumber yogurt sauce, sweet potato and rice
Rainbow trout with cucumber yogurt sauce, sweet potato and rice

I haven’t had the salmon, but C said it tasted amazing. It’s $12.  And it’s less than 300 calories.

Salmon with piri piri mushrooms, rice and asparagus...
Salmon with piri piri mushrooms, rice and asparagus…

How about this?  Add the zucchini (30 calories), the really delicious rice (90 calories), cucumber & lime yogurt topping (20 calories) and you have a pretty fantastic dinner.

And lets talk about sweet potato fries…or now we discovered their grilled sweet potato slices. The grilling does some fantastic chemical magic that makes the sugar caramelize and make for a slightly sweet and incredibly satisfying.  Oh my.  They didn’t have the nutritional info for that on their site.  I’m glad they didn’t.

The key to South African cooking is apparently the Piri-Piri chili pepper.  What is it?  A spice? An aphrodisiac? You decide –

Anyway – here’s the tally:
This trip, I had rainbow trout, sweet potato slices, rice and the cucumber sauce.
C had salmon, rice, asparagus and piri-piri mushrooms.
Total – $25.10

We had 3 other friends along, so we polished 2 bottles of wine. Figure they were about $7 for each bottle…as opposed to each glass.

They do not have a corkage fee, and they have wine glasses for you to use if you ask.  But here’s the deal. They are really nice. And the food is really good. So treat your servers well – you’re saving a bunch of money, so share the love a bit…

Just go. If you like fish, you’ll love it.  And bring a bottle of wine. And some friends.

330 Franklin Road
Suite 906D
Brentwood, TN 37027