So part of our new healthy adventure involves reading food labels.  I knew one day it would come to this…sadly, that day has arrived.


As label reading has begun we seem to have taken on 2 camps – C is looking for cholesterol and I just simply try to read the ingredients.  So much sugar!

So many things that I can’t pronounce. I had actually taken pride in our pantry at least being somewhat healthy. 

Then a friend posted a link on Facebook from a Huffington Post “Food for Thought” Post – “9 Disgusting Things You didn’t Know You’d been Eating your Whole Life.” This includes delicacies such as hair, anti-freeze, bio-diesel additives and …. beaver anal secretions.


But here’s the terrible part.  I looked for these items in our pantry…and found them.  (Insert gag reflex)




Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ)

The whole nine yards.  And these weren’t in super processed foods — they were in taco shells, saltines…and chex cereal?

We need a food revolution. We need to a) stop buying this crap and b) let the grocery stores and the food companies know that we aren’t going to allow them to put these things in our food anymore. 

So I dare you – check out the article – check out your pantry – and just say ‘no more’.  Unless, of course, you like the flavor of jet fuel additives…

Happy label-reading!