A post I never thought I’d write…

We had a few extended family health scares…we’re talking third cousins, in-laws, people we might possibly be somehow related to…so we decided that yes, it is time to get physicals.

So we got up early. Drank black coffee.  Went to the doctor.  Had nice chats about things not-concerning health…all is well right?

A few days later, I get a message.  My doctor wants me to exercise more, and eat healthier.  My cholesterol is getting a little high. WHAT?  ME??  Certainly there is a mistake.

Then C’s phone rings.  They want him to come in for a retest.

I think I am starting to dislike our doctor.

So apparently it’s true. Being in your 40s DOES mean that you don’t get to eat like a teenager anymore.  It means that you have to take things more seriously. It means that moments matter, and build up.  That food matters.  That we get to start actively participating in our own longevity.


So this blog may turn into reviews of vegetarian foods. C grew up around a lot of those foods, so he is much more likely to appreciate some of these vegetarian options.  So here it goes.  Here’s to health.  Here’s to exercise.  Here’s to changing our destiny…