We decided to have pancakes for dinner. Which is something we almost never do…but it was cold outside and it just felt like a good dinner option.

I had read online about making pancakes with bananas and egg – no flour! gluten free! guilt free!  We only had a couple of bananas, so in my constant quest to sneak healthy food into our diet, I thought that I would make some regular pancakes – and then make some of these banana pancakes…and have a pancake duel at dinner.

That wasn’t necessary.

Here are the pancakes.  Take a guess at which one is the gluten free one?2014 pinterest fail pancake

Let me mention too that they really didn’t taste good.  They tasted like bananas cooked with eggs with syrup on them. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. Maybe I just really like pancakes to, well, taste somewhat like cake.

Pan + Cake. go figure.

Since this time, I have found a few other blogs that have said that you really should add things like baking powder, cinnamon, peanut butter…these thing all make sense just to fix the consistency.  I’ll probably try to make these again – but I will probably be alone. And I will probably document it again if it is another massive failure… but until then. Gluten-free 2 ingredient pancakes. #Pinterestfail