I think one of our dogs is bored.

He’s a very serious, old soul in a 3 year old body. He looks for hours out the window-taking in every movement on the street…in the yard…in the trees.

Sometimes I look at him and just see a blank stare back…the stare that says “can we please go to the part for about 5 hours” or “can you walk around the house more so I can follow you?”  A stare that says “I’m desperate for something interesting to happen” or “could you please purchase a few sheep for me to move around the yard?”

He’s not destructive. He’s not acting out. I just think he needs some excitement.

We’ve stepped up our fetch game.  He has new motivation for chasing his brother around the living room.  But I know he lives for the next C-A-R-R-I-D-E.

I’m putting in an order with Amazon and going with a Kong and a “Tricky Treat” ball.  While I’m slightly disturbed with the idea of filling a plastic toy full of peanut butter (and then not being able to clean it well) I feel as a good mother I need to do something to keep his little brain happy and healthy.

Anyone use any pet toys like these?  Do your furry children enjoy them?