I love a challenge, especially when it comes to food.

I secretly like trying to cooking on a budget, trying to sneak in ingredients that are healthy, food with a purpose.  When my husband decided to not eat meat for Lent, it became more than a change in the shopping list – but something with a purpose.  Something spiritual.

By the way, NO.  I don’t have Food network shows on our DVR.  (but if I’m home alone and Good Eats is on, I’m happy to watch. Granted that almost never happens.)  I’ve always enjoyed thinking through food .  Most of the time however, life happens, I get busy or lazy and don’t always follow through.

Or I realize there’s an awesome coupon in the paper for pizza.

Now, however, there are stakes attached.  (I don’t like puns, but for the sake of a few friends: When there are stakes attached to eating, it’s not as much fun as when steaks are attached…ba-dum-dum.)

As part of the new year, we are trying to be more attentive to health. To money. To planning ahead.  Thanks to a few immediate extended family issues, we have gotten to hear about some potential health challenges ahead.  So now, we are on a quest to prevent issues that seem to be prevalent in our family history.

Looks like we get to be concerned about cancer prevention for me, and heart issues for my husband.  My dad is starting to deal with blood sugar issues.  Both of C’s parents battled stomach issues.  While I don’t like talking about death (who does really?), I really don’t like talking about suffering. And sadly a lot of health issues in our families have added components of suffering…in addition to those great life insurance question of ages of death.

So if adding a little spice to some chili will help heal, then by all means, we’re eating chili.  If drinking extra green tea needs to happen, then I will figure out a way to make that habitual.

This blog will probably take a turn to more cooking ideas.  Ways to take the recipes that we love to eat and turn them into something that we need to eat.  Food as high-octane fuel.  Not just delicious sustenance.  Truly eating to live.  Let my failures (which I’m more than happy to post) be your successes.  If you’re in our shoes and have some ideas on ways to stay both on track – with diet AND budget – please let me know.

Here’s to healthy eating, long happy lives, and a little extra money in the retirement account!