So I’ve been reading quite a bit about the amazing miracle spice that is turmeric.  Countries that include this spice in their regular diet have virtually no cases of Alzheimer’s disease, it’s been shown to prevent many types of cancers, multiple sclerosis and leukemia.  It’s been used to treat depression, helps kick up your metabolism and it is a natural way to detox your liver.

Among many other things.

So I went to Kroger and a little teensy jar was about $6. spice

I know I know.  Getting sick is expensive.  You can’t place a dollar value on your health.  That’s the same price as a detox smoothie.  Yeah. Yeah.  Yeah.

I decided in 2014 I wanted to be more focused on health – AND saving money – so I popped over to our local Indian grocery store.  I figure these folks use spice every day – and their prices are incredible.  For Nashville locals, Patel Brothers Grocery sells a small bag of Turmeric for only $4.  Perfect!

The downside?

I now have nearly a pound of turmeric.  But it was only $4!

Now I need your help. I have no idea what to do with a pound of turmeric.   Don’t get me wrong.  I like curry as much as the next girl – but my husband isn’t quite as thrilled with the idea of our home (and our skin) smelling like a plate of palak paneer.  Somehow I think he would choose prostate cancer over the idea of eating a steady stream of Indian food.

I need your help!

Can you give me your favorite ideas for sneaking a little wonder-spice in your food?  Or in your beauty routine?  I’ll post some turmeric successes on here from time to time as well.  I appreciate any and all advice.

Here’s to saving money, being healthy and eating yellow colored food!