So today I got a very interesting text message – from my credit card.  Asking if I had ok-ed a charge for an air charter. Image

An air charter?

Turns out someone got the information from my card and tried to make 3 charges to 2 travel websites.  They got through 2 charges – one for $45 and another for $300…but the third one is where they got denied.  Thankfully Chase appears to be on the ball…but after all of the talk of so many companies having their data stolen, it just makes me feel truly vulnerable.   

I’ve done a little research and it appears that the travel site is a fraud and is rather infamous for stealing people’s information and money.  This site, of course, is where my card was “compromised.”

I’ve also done some reading and found out from a congressman that, funny, the government is not required to report if they are hacked.  Keep that in mind next time you file your taxes online or decide to get insurance.

So I changed some passwords.  I shredded the card.  I’m trying to remember if anything other than the newspaper is automatically charged on this card.  I moved some money from a checking account (attached to a different debit card) to a savings account that I hope would be harder to hack.  I worried if our internet wifi is secure…I try to remember if I bought anything online when we stayed at a hotel last month…

Maybe it’s a good thing.  Since talking to Chase today, I have been thinking about safety.  Security.  Life.  The future.  It’s a new year and time to do the stuff that isn’t fun.  Talk about life insurance.  Wills.  Credit reports.  Taxes.  Maybe my financial invasion was a jump start to being a grown up.  To paying more attention…

But I guess what really makes me sad is, I really want to trust people.  I want people to make good decisions. I want the person (or the person who programmed the computer) to not feel the need to take and destroy.  I wish I could just ask him/her why they feel the need to disrupt people’s lives.  I wish they would put their energies to something that mattered…something that would make the world a better place.  Something that would bring people together.  Something that would help our cyber world…

But for now, I hope that those travel site charges come back to haunt them for a long, long time.