So – I’m rethinking my word of the year.  “Do” is a fitting word, but I think “Invest” is a better word.

I want to invest in things that matter.  In people that matter.  Money. Energy. Time. Work. Focus.  Now, mind you, this doesn’t necessarily mean things that matter exclusively to me.  Supporting things and people who need help, causes that need support, people who need to know they have value…this all fits in investing.

But a lot of this will also include saving money to be able to financially invest in things that matter as well.  

My husband mentioned that he wants to wake up each year and think of a way to save money…I want to take that another step and say I want to think of a way to save – and create opportunity.

But today was cold. And it was a Sunday.  So I put up the weather stripping that we had purchased late last year thinking that it would be worth an extra tax credit.  Our windows are sealed shut right before the coldest air this area has seen in decades.  I’m counting on some savings in heating costs until we can have cash for more replacement windows – which will save us money as well as add value to our home.

Tomorrow though, I need to invest more in my marriage – and maybe cut some coupons.