2013 beach sunrise

So I’ve been thinking about this new year – and feeling like a need to name it. Or title it.  Or give a word or focus for the year.   And I think it’s a series.  This year is the year of DO.

I want to stop talking and start doing.
I want to stop sitting and start moving.
I want to stop consuming and start creating.
I want to stop consuming things that don’t last and start writing things that do.
I want to stop reading updates and start reading books.
I want to see less screens and more smiles.
I want to react less and strategize more.

A few of these are things that make me uncomfortable, or just take work – so perhaps the statement should be the comfort-zone-free year.

But I think “do” has a better ring to it.

So apologies to Nike – but here’s to a year of saying….just do it.