I woke up today not really sure about 2014.  In a lot of ways, I felt like wheels were just spinning in 2013.  Work was great financially – but not for my spirit.  My faith felt a bit in a holding pattern – faith existed, but I really didn’t feel like any new revelations came to life.  Our home needed a lot of work so much energy, time and focus was directed there instead of to changing our future.   I didn’t have any goals in place, so of course, I didn’t achieve any goals.

I know all the really great things about a person’s character show up in the little stuff…but I’m just not used to not having some big stuff to balance out the normal.

Don’t get me wrong – 2013 was insanely blessed.  We have food on the table, incredible friends, healthy bodies, 2 puppies full of joy.  My marriage and family are fantastic and life-giving.  We live in a country where the big irritations in life are a busy road by the shopping center, wireless that is too slow and those few chilly moments running from our warm home to our soon-to-be-warm car.  

But my shoulders are tense and tired – and it’s time to release some of that pressure, both literally and figuratively.  

So here’s to 2014 – goals will be set…and met.  Dreams will be dreamed, discussed and hopefully lived.  Time is short.  Here’s to a year of better music, more dancing, exposing dreams, acting on life and making the most of every moment.  

Happy New Year everyone.