I love Pinterest.  I do.  I waste more time on there than anywhere else on the web.  It makes me think that I have endless time, talent and resources…

Often I’m reminded that I have none of those.

I am starting a new series of Pinterest Fails – where I think I’m awesome and domestic and crafty and get some idea from Pinterest…and then somehow my version doesn’t look quite as photogenic as the fun little picture that I pinned on my board.

One thing – I typically don’t photograph all elements in my life.  So there probably won’t be pics of how the saga begins – only it’s painful ending.

This will be my first post.  Make your own cleaning wipes.


So – I did what the lovely mommy-blogger said.  Save money.  Save the environment.

Simply take paper towels – cut roll in half (which created a small mountain of little pieces of paper towel all over the countertop)– put half of roll in an old cleaning wipes container –  pour a basic vinegar mix over the top – take out the cardboard roll.  SHAZAM!  You have your own, affordable cleaning wipes.

Reuse your old container! Save the planet!
Reuse your old container! Save the planet!

Ok – so this works…IF you use the entire thing in a few days.  What they don’t tell you is there is something more to it.  Those wipey things have a coating on them, making the wipes actually hold up in a liquid mixture.

After a week or so, the wipes had sunk to the bottom of the container.  I had to use tongs to pull out the wipes.  Not quite as handy as I had hoped.

Can you see the wipes?  They are in there...somewhere...
Can you see the wipes? They are in there…somewhere…

This is what my wipes looked like:

A glob of vinegar and viva. MMMM.
A glob of vinegar and viva. MMMM.

A glob of VIVA.  A bunch of vinegar in the bottom of a container.  My kitchen smells like a small village worth of children all decided to color easter eggs in our kitchen.

The other day, Kroger had cleaning wipes for about $2.00.  I have a 50 cent coupon. It will be doubled.  It will be money well spent.

Pinterest Fail.