I’m a consumer.

I realized the other day that I need to break out of this cycle.  

The past few months have been overrun with too much work, details, home stuff, and television. It’s been a season of no creativity for me, and I’m just now starting to see the affect.  How it’s sapped my energy. How it’s making work feel like work.  

I’ve been nudged like this is a while, but I need to make it a priority.  To get words on paper.  To get notes in the air.  

When I allow myself a moment to be creative, I realize as well that I give more attention to my creator.  Whenever my mind gets too full of work and shopping lists and places to go and meetings to attend, my mind so easily wanders…away from what’s important.

So I hope this blog can give me an extra push.  To prioritize writing and creativity.  To prioritize exercise of both my  body and my mind.  I’m pretty sure both of these things will help improve my relationships and my work…and that never hurts either.

October 24.  A new day.  A new season…  Here’s to moving from consumer to creator…

The first step though – make another pot of coffee…