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I cleaned my washing machine for the first time, ever.  I’m not sure why it never crossed my mind before – I put myself in a shower to rid myself of funkiness, and I have to clean the shower eventually.  Soap cleans but it also sticks…

Which probably means I need to clean my washers – both clothes and dish – eventually.

There’s probably a blog in here about residue in a place that brings cleanliness…

And let me just say, eeew.  There was a lot of crud in there.

I merged a few sites I found online to do the cleaning…just made a few minor additions – I used lemon bleach, I scrubbed out some of the tougher areas with an old toothbrush, I ran a load of whites after and added some peroxide to that washwater as well…

But let me just say, wow.  I’ve already marked on my calendar – 6 months from today “Clean the crud out of the washing machine.”

The basic idea:

Fill your washer full of hot water and add a quart of bleach.  Agitate it for a couple of minutes and then let it sit for an hour.  Then run the rest of the cycle.

Then fill your washer again with hot water and add a quart of vinegar. Again, agitate it for a bit, then let it sit for an hour…and take this opportunity to use the mix in the washer. Dip a toothbrush and sponge in the water and clean your washer.  Make sure to get in all those nasty crevices.

Finish running the wash cycle and voila!  A clean washer.

Here’s some fancy blogs with lot of pics that give other versions (baking soda, lemon juice, etc.) of this idea: